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Impulses for change


In its fourth year of existence, TUM Campus Heilbronn has now become an established part of the educational landscape and is constantly expanding its offerings. MINDSHIFT accompanies activities, offers and impulses of TUM for the Heilbronn Franconia region. The magazine is published twice a year and highlights research, teaching, continuing education and campus living. Central events, such as TUM Talk or professors' workshops, are also a regular part of the coverage.


We are pleased to now offer you our fourth issue. Learn more about the new cooperation between TUM Campus Heilbronn and the Oxford Internet Institute, take a look at the research fields of three new professors and gain insights into our lively, international campus culture.


MINDSHIFT aims at intensifying the interest in our students, our research approaches and in collaborating with us.


We hope you enjoy the magazine and we wish you all an inspiring reading.

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Impulses for change

Mindshift: Third issue

The magazine of the TUM at the Heilbronn Campus accompanies the location on its way to set impulses for the Heilbronn – Franconia region and beyond. It is published twice a year and highlights research, teaching, corporate projects, campus life, continuing education and networking with the Heilbronn region.


In addition, events and guiding activities carried out by the TUM at the Heilbronn Campus are a crucial part of the magazine. You will further find reports on dynamic panel discussions, interesting workshops and even online congresses.

Impulses for change

Mindshift: Second issue

MINDSHIFT accompanies the TUM at the Heilbronn Campus on its way to set impulses for the region. The magazine is published in spring and fall and focuses on the topics of the biannual TUM Talks. This top-class panel discussion at the TUM Heilbronn campus reflects current topics of digital transformation (fall) and issues relating to family businesses (spring). This exchange between science and business is a central concern.


We are pleased to present you the second edition to download here. The print edition is available at Campus. Find out more about the challenges facing owner-managed family businesses in the issue of succession or immerse yourself in our new program for continuing education.

Impulses for change

Mindshift: First issue

Research and teaching at TUM Campus Heilbronn aim to build bridges between economics, computer science and engineering in a dynamic, international environment. Excellence in research and teaching meet the exciting, entrepreneurial challenges in one of the most innovative regions in Germany. The aim of the new TUM Campus magazine “Mindshift” is to present these topics in all their facets.


We are pleased to present the first edition for download here. The print edition is available at Campus.


Find out more about the research focus of our professors and what distinguishes us here at the Bildungscampus.

White Papers

Insights from virtual reality enhanced teaching

Prof. Dr. David Wuttke explains in a white paper experiences, findings and recommendations when using VR in lectures.


Virtual Reality (VR) has great potential, which is still vastly untapped in management education. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to teach remotely and search for meaningful alternatives to online video communication tools. The team of Prof. Dr. David Wuttke, Assistant Professor for Supply Chain Management of TUM School of Management at TUM Campus Heilbronn explored the use of a virtual classroom environment in two courses in the summer term of 2021. In our solution, students and faculty were represented by avatars and communicated in a digital representation of a real classroom.


Why this white paper? We want to share a modern way of online teaching. We want to publish our lessons learned and hope that the insights on technical effort, didactic approaches, and organizational aspects are valuable for others who would like to embark on our journey.

Digital strategies for medium-sized businesses

TUM Connect white paper


TUM Campus Heilbronn provides tips in this white paper on how SMEs can tackle and reinterpret leadership in the digital age.


This white paper is also an invitation to an in-depth, hands-on knowledge transfer at the site. It is based on the presentations and discussions at the “TUM Connect” conference.