Academic Training Program |


Become a scholarship holder

at the TUM School of Management
  • Start of program: October, Winter Semester
  • Location: all TUM School of Management campuses
  • Duration: 4 years, including a 2-year-scholarship
  • Language: 100% in English
  • Application period: April 1st, 2024 to May 31st, 2024


Academic Training Program

To accompany our doctoral program, we are offering a scholarship for outstanding candidates at the TUM School of Management.

Our goal: We strive to prepare highly talented and especially motivated doctoral candidates with outstanding degrees and extraordinary research potential in the best possible way for their international academic careers. Participants in the Academic Training Program can expect dual supervision and all-round support during this 4-year program (including a two year fellowship). The main focus is on the scientific course program, academic career coaching and international networking.



To this end, the TUM School of Management cooperates with internationally renowned universities and highly respected external researchers to provide participants in the Academic Training Program with in-depth methodological knowledge in theory and practice from various scientific perspectives.


In addition to scientific discourse at the highest level, participants also are given time for their own research. After all, it’s not just about gathering inspiration, but also about implementing new ideas.

What is special about the Academic Training Program?

In these aspects, the Academic Training Program goes beyond the usual doctoral education:


  • Preparation for an international scientific career
  • Contact to internationally renowned universities
  • Financial support
  • Excellent doctoral education with an individual course program
  • Time for own research

Course program

Academic Training Program fellows acquire basic, general research skills as well as advanced specific knowledge. During this 4-year progam, the participants have the opportunity to strengthen their skills in planning and conducting research studies. The research results should be published in leading international journals. With their deep academic understanding, they will be able to grasp and evaluate the quality of studies of other researchers and to evaluate them.


Courses may be taken in the following areas, among others:


  • Empirical research
  • Research methods
  • Field-specific theories
  • Other specific topics
  • Research skills e.g. Academic writing on a high level


During the Academic Training Program participants will additionally receive soft skill training such as career coaching or presentation techniques.



Applicants – Who is eligible to apply?

The Academic Training Program is aimed at particularly talented applicants from Germany and abroad who are motivated to pursue an academic career. Applicants with an outstanding degree and high research potential have the opportunity to be selected for the Academic Training Program to pursue their doctoral studies at the TUM School of Management.


Candidates with an already existing scholarship for their doctoral studies are not eligible for the Academic Training Program.


The most important prerequisite for the application to the Academic Training Program is the already assured supervision by a professor of the TUM School of Management. This professor must provide the candidate with a letter of recommendation.

The following documents must be submitted for the application:


  • Letter of motivation including answers on the following topics:
    • Describe your academic intentions and plans.
    • Outline (in writing) one important research question of your dissertation project, the research gap and the planned methodological approach.
    • What are your intentions or plans for international collaborations or research abroad?
    • What are your time plans for the doctorate, the Academic Training program as well as your career afterwards?
    • What is your current funding situation (permanent working positions, other grants/scholarships for the same purpose, etc.)?
  • Master’s Thesis
  • Exposé (maximum five pages)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificates
  • Recommendation letter from the supervising professor
  • Working Papers if available
  • Preliminary list of courses to be taken during the program
  • Confirmation of Co-supervision by a DSS-funded professor if already possible (needs to be provided no later than 15.9. or else the scholarship cannot be paid)

Application process

The next application period is from April 1st, 2024 to May 31st, 2024.


Selected applicants will be invited to give a short presentation in which they introduce their research project to the panel and are interviewed about their future career plans. Based on the submitted documents, the presentation and the interview, the panel will then decide on the Academic Training Program fellows.


The decision is based on the following criteria:


  • Excellent scientific qualification
  • Convincing presentation
  • High potential and motivation
  • Serious intentions to pursue an academic career
  • Recommendation and support by the supervising professor


During the two-year scholarship (first two years of the Academic Training program) Scholarship holders receive € 1,500 per month. The TUM School of Management awards the scholarships according to TUM guidelines.

Academic Training Program participants may apply for up to € 2,000 additional funding per scholarship year for the duration of the scholarship to attend international doctoral courses, research stays and conferences.



The scholarship holder …


  • … has no other scholarship for the same purpose.
  • … does not pursue any self-employed or non-self-employed activity that exceeds a weekly working time of five or ten hours per month (in the case of scientifically oriented activities).
  • … fulfills the qualifications for taking up a doctorate at TUM and serves the scientific work in the context of the preparation for the doctorate


You can download the Academic Program Training flyer here.