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20 April 2022

FIMily is an incredibly vibrant community of leaders

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Vladimir is from Belarus. After completing his Bachelor in Management with minor in international tourism in Minsk he started working as a Business Analyst in a digital transformation department of one of the Belarusian companies. He experienced incredible excitement when working with data and data-driven decision-making and combined with his passion for finance, the Master in Finance & Information Management was the perfect study program.

What do you like the most about the FIM program?

It's been already said many times, but I can't help but repeat it myself. FIM is first and foremost FIMily - it is an incredibly vibrant community of leaders who are in one way or another associated with the study program. You immerse yourself in this network and feel part of it from the very first day of studies thanks to the large number of joint activities at the beginning of the first semester.

We continued to have regular meetings with alumni and our buddies. After that, we had interviews with corporate partners who would later become our mentors. Three months into the first semester you participate in the corporate days with corporate partners who don't just give boring presentations about themselves but conduct engaging business simulations. By the end of the first semester, we also took part in the social skills seminars. And for me, this kind of busy life is just a dream.

What was the most challenging task so far?

If you have found a place to live in Munich, there will be nothing more challenging in your life. But to be serious, perhaps the most difficult task is to understand your priorities. The program can give you a lot, the question is what you want to take from it. Sometimes you simply need to use your time management skill and get everything done, but at some points, you have to choose and prioritize one activity over another. But here many thanks go to our program coordinator, who amazingly plans everything so that we can get through everything. And by the way, if you are intimidated by looking for accommodation in Munich, remember that you have a FIMily – someone will definitely know someone.

Whom would you recommend it to?

In this question, I would prefer not to be guided by a person's knowledge, because in this respect, FIM is open to people with very different backgrounds and diversity makes this program what it is. Personal qualities and motivation are much more important here. Easy-going, determined, not afraid to take on challenges, open to new acquaintances. If that's what you're about, then FIM is right for you.

What are your plans after finishing the FIM?

It is a tough question. There are two completely different options - stay in academia or go into practice. I will be able to try both of them in the next semesters during research project and internship with one of the corporate partners and will definitely make my choice. And if you're wondering what you may do after FIM, just check LinkedIn pages of FIM alumni and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the variety.

What are your three tips for Bachelor students who want to apply for the FIM study program?

Be convincing in the application, be honest in the interview, and be ambitious in the studies. By the way there is one more tip – you should be ‘highly motivated’. Just remember it and as soon as you are in FIMily we will tell you about it.

Are there any challenges/advantages to being an international student at the FIM program?

To this question I would rather answer no, and I think that is the best answer you can get. I mean, everything in the program is so cool that you don't feel any extra difficulties from being an international student. And since the program is entirely in English, you definitely won't notice a language barrier at university, but I still recommend you to start learning German for life outside the university.


About the FIM Master's program:

FIM offers you an individual and highly attractive study environment, which empowers you with a new set of skills and ensures each student reaches their individual goals. Small classes guarantee a comfortable study-atmosphere, an effective implementation of the curriculum and an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, which allows for the personal support of every student. Gain insights into the current development in digital finance, manage digital transformation and disruption, apply data processing, analysis and preparation techniques or design the power grid of the future.

High-level scientists from Technical University of Munich and the University of Bayreuth as well as professional experts will mentor you. You will learn the necessary methodology and instantly get the opportunity to put theory into practice by accompanying first-class practitioners to work. Both, academic and professional mentors, who will not only give advice on the study program but also support the mentee with individual career planning and personal development, will coach ambitious students. Our network of renowned business partners provides a wide range of possibilities to deepen knowledge in practice and to do exciting internships, and participate in workshops and practical projects.