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03 May 2022

LET LIFE FLOW: Water for Kyampisi

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LET LIFE FLOW: Water for Kyampisi

What is the problem?


Imagine you are thirsty. But instead of finding clean water in your kitchen, you walk 2 km in the heat to drink a glass of dirty water.

This is the daily life of 15-year-old Namugema Irene and more than 1000 villagers of Kyampisi in Uganda. They hardly have any opportunity for clean drinking water. They have to fetch dirty water from a swamp shared with animals.

What can we do?


We, TUM SEED Center and Makerere University (Uganda) will bring clean drinking water to the village of Kyampisi.

How Will My Donation Help the Village of Kyampisi?


We are drilling an underground well in the village and installing a pumping system to get clean drinking water. To pump water from the drilled well, we will rely on solar power. Makerere University is currently installing the first series of solar panels.

What Will You Use My Donation For?


1) Planning and drilling an underground well

2) Supplying and installing a solar pumping system

3) Two 10,000 liters water tanks

Total overall = € 20,000

Your contribution will bring clean drinking water to more than 1000 villiagers of Kyampisi in Uganda.

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