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16 March 2022

What can you bring to the FIMily table?

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The challenges and advantages of studying the Master in Finance and Information Management

Anaís García González is from the Canary Islands, Spain. She moved to Germany in 2017 for her undergraduate studies in Global Business Management and is currently studying FIM (Finance and Information Management) at TUM School of Management. From Data Analytics to Process Management and Energy Markets, Anaís was looking for a program that would give her the opportunity to explore the wide array of topics that she is interested in. She was glad to find out that the FIM study program also expands her comfort zone by challenging her to push forward current finance and digital technologies, handling big data and integrating technology and entrepreneurship.

What do you like the most about the FIM program?

The thing that I genuinely enjoy the most about FIM is the energy that I get every time I engage in discussions with my fellow students, professors, or corporate partners. Everyone is so unique and interesting and really helps me expand as a person and show up to my full potential every day.

The small class sizes are very engaging and untypical in the German education system, which I feel very grateful to experience daily.

What was the most challenging task so far?

It was probably one just a couple of weeks ago. We had to submit two different group projects for two different classes on the same day. One was a Machine Learning problem, the other an entrepreneurship project. It was very challenging to manage those on top of normal classes. But as I had two wonderful teams, we achieved a great outcome nonetheless and it helped deal with the pressure and stress.

Whom would you recommend it to?

I would recommend FIM to anyone that is not only interested in developing their skills in academic and professional settings but especially to those committed to their personal growth in and outside of the classroom. Hopefully, you are someone that wants to be an active participant and are open to new environments. Stagnation in FIM is not a choice!

Are there any challenges and advantages to being an international student at the FIM program?

I believe that as an international student you can bring a lot to the table. I really like talking about how where I come from differs from the environment FIM operates within. Recently, we also enjoyed some Spanish Venezuelan food I cooked or I often put on some Spanish music. I enjoy sharing my culture with the people around me in these small acts. Also, unlike in other degrees, in FIM you will find a support system that will make you feel at home, even when being away thousands of kilometers. Fellow students, the strong alumni network, as well as professors and corporate partners, will accompany you in your integration into the German culture!

What are your plans after finishing the FIM?

This is also one of the things that I like FIM for the most. It prepares us both for pursuing a career in academia and in practice. During my studies, I plan to dive deep in both practice and research phases, to further search for what feels right for me and this way shape my professional career. Every experience is welcomed and beneficial!  For now, I still leave both doors open for myself, both possibilities, a career in business and pursuing a Ph.D. seem appealing opportunities.

What are your three tips for Bachelor students who want to apply for the FIM study program? 

Be aware of what you can bring to the table. Make sure to bring across what makes you unique and what you can contribute to the FIMily, as we like to call it. Make sure you know your strengths (and potential weaknesses)! Ideally, you are interested in interdisciplinary, as you will work alongside people from different academic backgrounds and work on very different topics during your studies. You are open to new cultures, ideas and environments and like to work in a team!


About the FIM Master program:

FIM offers you an individual and highly attractive study environment, which empowers you with a new set of skills and ensures each student reaches their individual goals. Small classes guarantee a comfortable study-atmosphere, an effective implementation of the curriculum and an excellent student-to-teacher ratio, which allows for the personal support of every student. Gain insights into the current development in digital finance, manage digital transformation and disruption, apply data processing, analysis and preparation techniques or design the power grid of the future.

High-level scientists from Technical University of Munich and the University of Bayreuth as well as professional experts will mentor you. You will learn the necessary methodology and instantly get the opportunity to put theory into practice by accompanying first-class practitioners to work. Both, academic and professional mentors, who will not only give advice on the study program, but also support the mentee with individual career planning and personal development, will coach ambitious students. Our network of renowned business partners provides a wide range of possibilities to deepen knowledge in practice and to do exciting internships, participate in workshops and practical projects.