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21 December 2021

Winners of Best Teaching Award 2021

Winners of Best Teaching Award 2021

Each year the TUM School of Management pays tribute to lecturers who have proven outstanding teaching practices with the Best Teaching Award. The award honors their dedication and gives credit to their professional excellence. This year´s award took place in a small ceremony at the Dean´s office as the hygiene regulations during the Tag der Fakultät (Graduation Ceremony) would not allow for it.

The Best Teaching Award is awarded in three categories according to class size.

The Best Teaching Award in the category large-sized classes goes to Prof. Michael Kurschilgen and Dr. Christian Feilcke. Prof. Kurschilgen is professor for managerial economics at TUM School of Management since November 2015. Dr. Christian Feilcke is Academic Councilor at the Chair of Economics since 2012. Both had won the Best Teaching Award in previous years.


The Best Teaching Award in the category middle-sized classes goes to Prof. Benjamin Loos and Yanis Gamarra. Professor Loos studies behavioral and household finance with a particular focus on financial advice, (digital) product innovations like ETFs, fintech and individual investor behavior in general. Yanis Gamarra is Research Assistant and Doctoral Candidate at the Chair of Controlling.


The Best Teaching Award in the category small-sized classes goes to Prof. Philipp MaumeProf. Sebastian Schwenen und Franziska Heyde. Prof. Philipp Maume’s field of research is the law of capital markets and capital market-oriented companies, of particular interest is the law of financial technology. Prof. Maume had won the Best Teaching Award in previous years. Prof. Sebastian Schwenen is Assistant Professor in Economics of Energy Markets and also affiliated as Research Fellow to the German Institute for Economic Research DIW Berlin and to the Mannheim Institute for Sustainable Energy Studies. Franziska Heyde is coach and lecturer for Entrepreneurship at UnternehmerTUM since 2011, a non-profit organization and leading center for innovation and business creation in Europe.


The Best Teaching Award is being awarded annually since 2013 but had to be cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 as the evaluation of the summer semester 2020 was not conducted by TUM CST. The assessment of the winners takes into consideration the class size, the courses grades and teachers grades based on the student´s evaluation from the previous winter and summer semesters.