One of Baden-Württemberg’s most beautiful wine regions

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A charming combination of tradition and modernity

In the university city of Heilbronn, there is much more to discover besides the educational campus. The Experimenta, the largest science center in Germany, can be reached on foot within only a few minutes.


Take a walk along the Neckar river or meet up with friends in the Pfuehlpark and Wertwiesenpark. The Neckarmeile with its many cafés, bars, and restaurants is also full of life every day. The possibilities of how to spend your free time are endless in this small town. The landscape is characterized by beautiful vineyards, for which Heilbronn is also internationally known. A walk along the wine panorama path is also worthwhile.


End the day on the Wartberg, from where you have the best view over Heilbronn and can see the city from a different perspective.

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