Explore the TUM Campus Munich

TUM School of Management is part of the historic main campus in the heart of Munich where all administrative facilities are located. Students of TUM School of Management share some lecture rooms and specific locations of this campus with their fellow students of architecture, civil, geo and environmental engineering, as well as electrical and computer engineering.

A 360 degree walk around Campus Munich

Take a stroll around and explore our main campus in 360 degrees, where you'll get historic snippets and interesting insights. Just drag your mouse or swipe your finger along the screen to move your gaze.

You'll be able to enter the premises through either our main entrance, right across from the famous Pinakotheken, via Arcisstraße 21. Or you'll start your virtual tour through the TUM School of Management building directly, via Luisenstraße.

Whatever path you choose from, you can always get quick access to some of our more popular points of interest by selecting these from the map-button, close to where your feet would be. 


Finding out about your TUM School of Management study-options has never been so immersive: in this 360 degree experience, you’ll get all the information you need to find the right program for you. Based on your profile, engage with our virtual school guide and get insights to programs and enrollement procedures.


If you own VR goggles, you are welcome to download the “VRdirect”-App and load project “70bd53” into your player. Have fun!

Aside from the main Munich campus, where the majority of business courses take place, some departments are also located on two additional sites in the greater Munich area: the Garching campus and the Weihenstephan campus. Students at TUM School of Management can attend courses on all campuses. Commuting between these three locations is easy thanks to an excellent public transportation system.

Campus Garching

With more than 7500 employees and over 20.000 students, our location at Garching is not just a campus - it's a city build in. This is where natural sciences meet modern technological research facilities, the center for high tech applications.

Campus Weihenstephan

Proudly consolidating its expertise in the studies of live sciences, TUM accommodates its equally named school in Weihenstephan, where Molecular Life Sciences, Life Science Systems and Life Science Engineering are beeing researched and taught.

Life on campus


Libraries are the ideal places to study and prepare for exams away from all distractions. The university library includes nine branch libraries. Databases, journals, magazines, and books of all the disciplines can be found within the campus library in the center of Munich. Moreover, you are welcome to use our study rooms and computer rooms (CIP-Pool), open exclusively to students of TUM School of Management.


To work efficiently, the brain needs regular sustenance. This is provided by the Studentenwerk, which operates large canteens (known in Germany as “Mensa”) on all campuses. At lunchtime, they offer two to three main meals, side dishes, and a vegetarian meal. Prices range from EUR 1 – 4.


The University Sports Center (ZHS) is open to students of all universities in Munich. The ZHS offers a variety of sporting activities for beginners as well as for long-time athletes. Its facilities are located on the campus of the Technical University of Munich in Munich’s famous Olympic Park, which was built for the Olympic Games in 1972. Here, you can take part in a wide range of courses like basketball, soccer or hockey as well as swimming, dancing, martial arts and many more.



Outside of the campus, Munich and its surrounding areas also have a lot to offer to sports enthusiasts. There are a great number of sports clubs and swimming pools at your disposal. Windsurfers and sailors enjoy the windy conditions on Lake Starnberg, and the Alps invite you to go hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and skiing. Even surfing is possible in the middle of Munich: on a small river called “Eisbach”, people gather to watch surfers ride on the river’s wild waves.



There is more to life at TUM than lectures and exams. Our students find a variety of ways to immerse themselves in campus life. They organize festivals. They get involved in student bodies. They join music clubs or set up creative research projects. TUM actively encourages these character-building activities.

TUM Shop

At the city campus, you can find the TUM Shop. It offers a wide variety of clothes, stationaries, and accessories with the TUM logo. Students and visitors can show their support and belonging by purchasing some souvenirs. Please consider the opening hours, which are Monday to Friday, 10AM to 2PM. You can find more information about the shop, here