The paradigm shift of including the human brain in management research

TUM Main Campus
Room Z577
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München

Hybrid seminar (Zoom link via separate invitation)
25 Oct 2023
10:30 am (Central European Time)

Authors: Pierre Balthazard (Fairleigh Dickinson University)


Abstract: Organizational neuroscience aims to bridge the gap between the understanding of human brain function and its application in the workplace, leading to improved organizational outcomes, employee well-being, and more effective leadership strategies. Organizational Neuroscience researchers have started investigating many organizational issues such as leadership (emergence, styles, mindsets, strategies, problem-solving approaches), decision making and risk taking, ethical and moral dilemmas, negotiation and influence, emotional intelligence and communication, adaptability, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, team dynamics, stress and resilience, employee engagement and motivation, human factors and the design of work, and dynamic capabilities. Pierre Balthazard will offer lessons from his experience and from looking into the crystal ball to define where he sees opportunities for neuroscience to impact most of the management disciplines.


Host: Claudia Peus