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26 March 2024

A glimpse into tomorrow’s shopping

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A glimpse into tomorrow’s shopping

What can we learn from eye movements about how consumers make decisions? How can we gain a deeper understanding of shopping behavior through Virtual Reality (VR) interaction data? Can we predict shopping motives and what effect do environmental factors such as store lightning have? Martin Meißner, Professor at the TUM School of Management on Campus Heilbronn, explores these questions in a recently published guest article on


The emergence of digital technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has revolutionized our understanding of shopping experiences. The application of AI for personalization is not only attracting the interest of companies and retailers but also holds significant value for scientific exploration.


Meißner's research focuses on analyzing eye movements and sensory data in virtual shopping environments (VSE). Surprisingly, within a few seconds of observation, eye movements can accurately predict purchasing intentions.


How can retailers benefit from the findings? They have numerous opportunities to use this information to their advantage. They can strategically design online and VR environments and customize scenarios to encourage impulse purchases. In addition, by investing in personalized assistance systems, retailers can offer customers tailored advice and recommendations to enhance their shopping experience. Last but not least, Meißner’s analysis also offers a glimpse into the potential future of virtual shopping environments and upcoming advances and innovations.


Curious to dive deeper into this fascinating topic? Read the full article here: