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27 September 2022

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse appointed TUM Honorary Professor

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The Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG Oliver Zipse was appointed honorary professor at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Zipse has been teaching courses on the transformation of the automotive industry at the TUM School of Management since 2019.


The "CEO Pitch" is the highlight of the seminar "Innovative Automotive Production and Current Transformation Fields", which Oliver Zipse has been holding at the TUM School of Management since 2019. Here, the BMW CEO not only teaches the theoretical basics of global markets, production systems and digital innovations. The students also develop their own analyses and strategies for current challenges in the industry in exchange with various departments of the company. The course regularly receives excellent ratings in student evaluations.


"Europe's greatest strengths lie in the minds of its people: in their spirit of research and pioneering, in their creativity and free thinking. A comprehensive and broad-based education is the basis for carrying this strength into the future," said Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. "That's why it's a particular concern of mine to promote and support the academic training of young people. After all, nothing makes our economy more adaptable, responsive and future-proof than young, bright minds who want to make a difference."


"Hardly any other sector is as crucial for Germany as the automotive industry is for the country as a business location. That's why the importance of its transformation extends far beyond the industry itself," emphasizes Prof. Gunther Friedl, Dean of the TUM School of Management. "This makes it all the more important that we train students who not only know the theory, but also the corporate world. No lecture, no matter how good, can replace teamwork on real issues."


Scientific and technical achievements

Mr. Zipse is regarded as a pioneer in the automotive industry with his numerous lectures, scientific discussions and interviews. His work focuses on analyzing global trends and deriving their implications for the automotive industry. Oliver Zipse repeatedly called for technological openness with regard to future-proof and sustainable technologies in order to meet current challenges such as climate change and geopolitical crises.


Relevance of the teaching field and teaching performance

A course on the current transformation fields of the automotive industry is therefore of great importance not only for the Technical University of Munich, but also for Germany as a business location. The innovative success of the automotive industry can only be ensured if a sufficient number of academically educated graduates are familiar with the special features and challenges of this industry. In this context, the field of teaching is highly relevant not only for students of the TUM School of Management and the TUM School of Engineering and Design, but also for students of the TUM School for Computation, Information and Technology, which is currently being established.



Oliver Zipse studied computer science and mathematics at the University of Utah (USA) and mechanical engineering at Darmstadt Technical University. In 1991, he started as a trainee at BMW AG. His career took him from technology development to various management positions and finally to the Board of Management, of which he has been Chairman since 2019.

Honorary professors are members of the TUM faculty, can supervise doctoral theses, and form an important pillar of teaching by contributing areas of specialization, practical professional experience, and economic and social viewpoints. Appointments are made according to a defined procedure, which includes a selection committee obtaining two independent external reviews.