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12 May 2023

Rebecca Steurer: Following her urge to become an Entrepreneur

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Rebecca Steurer: Following her urge to become an Entrepreneur

Bluevace - a startup that aims to connect publishers with GenZ

Rebecca, a bachelor student in Management & Technology at the TUM School of Management, is one of the founders of Bluevace, a startup that aims to connect publishers with GenZ. Her dream of becoming an entrepreneur started when she founded her first school company during a seminar in the 11th grade. Since then, Rebecca felt the urge to become an entrepreneur, and the TUM School of Management offered her great opportunities and support to pursue this ambition.


The idea behind Bluevace is to create a platform for publishers to offer their content in a way that appeals to young people and encourages them to consume it. At the same time, users get a completely free and sustainable information chill-out zone where they can learn about anything that interests them, and do so with a huge community of curious people who are making it hip again to be informed.


Rebecca's startup is a great example of how young entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the latest technologies and innovations to create value for both consumers and content creators. With her passion for entrepreneurship and the support of her university, Rebecca is well on her way to achieving her dreams. We caught up with our bachelor student for an interview.


What makes your startup unique?

The new revolutionary combination of news and information with hip social media presentation in the form of a new app. We are changing GenZ's relationship with news and giving them the ability to consume news at their own pace. We are also building a diverse team of four students from four different majors.


What kind of support did you get to start your own business?

As a founding team, we got to know each other at the founder camp of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft in Cologne. This network has been a great support. We also took advantage of the University of Applied Sciences' start-up consulting service. We received very useful advice regarding our business model and other accelerator programs. The incubator "Media Lab Bayern" offers us great co-working spaces and an even bigger network within digital media and journalism.


What advice would you give to other students who are thinking about starting their own business?

Be passionate! Get used to making a lot of mistakes. Making mistakes is the only way to get it right. Be clear about your business model. Talk a lot to potential customers! Do it! Just get started.


What challenges do you face as a young entrepreneur?

Challenges we face are, for example, time conflicts with university education. Being a full-time student and starting your own company is really time-consuming, especially during exam periods. Another challenge is the lack of start-up capital.


What does it take to be a founder?

The founder of a startup should be a person who wakes up one day and decides to take responsibility. That means doing something different and personally challenging. In addition, a startup founder needs to understand people and what motivates them. You should have excellent leadership and management skills to be successful. Above all, you should be able to drive the vision for the company.


How did the environment at the TUM School of Management support you in pursuing your idea?

The focus on entrepreneurial lectures, many different seminars and electives like the business plan seminar encourage you to start your own business. In addition, many impressive lectures by CEOs such as BMW's CEO Oliver Zipse, Lufthansa's CEO Carsten Spohr or Personio's CEO Hanno Renner encourage you to pursue your dreams. Furthermore, competitions like the TUM IDEAward encourage you to compete with other teams and ideas. UnternehmerTUM also offers a great network and one of the best entrepreneurial environments to become a founder.


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