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02 February 2024

TransforM in line for funding as new Clusters of Excellence

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TransforM in line for funding as new Clusters of Excellence

Three TUM proposals are in line for funding as new Clusters of Excellence.
We are proud to confirm that an affiliation exists between the excellence cluster TransforM and the TUM School of Management, represented by Prof. Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Prof. Hanna Hottenrott, and Prof. Holger Patzelt.

Our affiliate member Prof. Sebastian Pfotenhauer is a Professor of Innovation Research and head of the Innovation, Society, and Public Policy Research Group at the TUM School of Management, he is STS Department Head of the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) and spokesperson for the TransfroM cluster.

About TransforM:
Munich Center for Transformative Technologies and Social Change

On the one hand, transformative technologies are seen as the key to solving major challenges such as climate change, energy, mobility, and health care; on the other hand, they lead to increasing skepticism towards innovation and public controversies. As an interdisciplinary social science cluster, TransforM aims to rethink theories, methods, and practices of participation, legitimacy, responsibility, security, and resilience regarding transformative technologies for dynamically changing societies.

At the same time, the cluster wants to explore how these social concerns can be better anchored in innovation processes to reconcile technological progress and economic opportunities with social, ecological, and political interests in the future.

The approval of the respective Clusters of Excellence will be announced on May 22, 2025. Fingers crossed for the final round!