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Digitalization is transforming vast areas of our lives and new technologies are fundamentally changing the way companies work. From processes to business models and management styles – everything must be put to the test. The Center for Digital Transformation (CDT) researches issues related to digitalization, its challenges, and opportunities. Our goal is to develop solutions through practice-oriented research and thus generate direct benefits for the economy and society. New findings flow directly into teaching to prepare our students for the tasks of the future.



07 Mar '23
Are data breach announcements and stock market reactions a matter of timing?

In recent articles by Harvard Business Manager, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and other newspapers, a study by Prof. Jens Foerderer from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Prof. Sebastian Schuetz from the Florida International University (FIU) was reported on.


The study analyzed over 8,000 data breaches of US-listed companies between 2008 and 2018. It revealed that many companies intentionally plan to disclose data breaches on busy news days to avoid negative impacts on their stock prices. The researchers suggest that shorter time frames for reporting data breaches could prevent companies from strategically planning their disclosures.


You can discover the paper here:


21 Feb '23
Wissenschaftliche Kommission Operations Research at TUM Campus Heilbronn

After not meeting in person for three years due to the pandemic, 21 professors and researchers discussed the latest developments in operations research in a two-day meeting of the Wissenschaftliche Kommission Operations Research of the Verband der Hochschullehrerinnen und Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e.V. (VHB, engl. Association of University Teachers of Business Administration). The meeting, organized by Prof. Gudrun Kiesmüller, included lectures and interactive sessions. Prof. Guido Voigt, the head of the commission, reported on important topics concerning the commission.


Key learnings from the various presentations include:


  • Combining traditional OR methods with machine learning helps to solve complex problems
  • OR methods can be used to analyse the capacity of the electricity market and to reduce energy consumption of manufacturing companies
  • OR researchers can solve complex problems of retailers, manufacturers, and many other companies

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Data-driven Decision Making

How can companies and organizations make decisions based on actual data rather than intuition? We apply big data analytics, machine learning and optimization to support decision making in health care, finance, marketing, and supply chain management. We refine the methods for specific applications and develop new algorithms and methods which can deal with the uncertainty usually present in data.


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Digital Platforms

How can businesses benefit from digital platforms? We study digital business models where competition as well as other determinants are taken into account. We develop methods and incentive schemes that help a platform to gain traction among users, suppliers as well as consumers, and investigate the necessary steps that need to be taken to establish successful platforms in the market.


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Impact of Digital Technologies on Business

What impact do digital technologies have on business? We investigate the improvement of processes, business models and business ecosystems through the combination of various digital technologies in order to ensure the competitiveness of a company. We also explore the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in industry and investigate the impact of digitization on the financial markets.


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