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How companies are changing the way they operate

Digitalization is transforming vast areas of our lives and new technologies are fundamentally changing the way companies work. From processes to business models and management styles – everything must be put to the test. The Center for Digital Transformation (CDT) researches issues related to digitalization, its challenges, and opportunities. Our goal is to develop solutions through practice-oriented research and thus generate direct benefits for the economy and society. New findings flow directly into teaching to prepare our students for the tasks of the future.



10 Apr '24
Prof. Foerderer receives third-party funding from the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

Prof. Jens Foerderer and Alexander Stolte receive third-party funding of 229.970€ from the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) for the project “Decision architectures on search engine platforms: An analysis of the impact of infinite scrolling on companies and competition”.
The project will start in 2024.

15 Jan '24
Dissertation Award to Dr. Florian Sachs

Dr. Florian Sachs was awarded the Dissertation Award 2023 of TUM School of Management, presented by Prof. Alwine Mohnen and Prof. Gunther Friedl at the TUM School of Management's graduation ceremony in November 2023. Congratulations!

Florian Sachs was a doctoral student at the CDT under the supervision of Prof. Kiesmüller before moving to the University of Cologne as a Junior Professor in Supply Chain Analytics.

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Research Topics

Data-driven Decision Making

How can companies and organizations make decisions based on actual data rather than intuition? We apply big data analytics, machine learning and optimization to support decision making in health care, finance, marketing, and supply chain management. We refine the methods for specific applications and develop new algorithms and methods which can deal with the uncertainty usually present in data.


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Digital Platforms

How can businesses benefit from digital platforms? We study digital business models where competition as well as other determinants are taken into account. We develop methods and incentive schemes that help a platform to gain traction among users, suppliers as well as consumers, and investigate the necessary steps that need to be taken to establish successful platforms in the market.


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Impact of Digital Technologies on Business

What impact do digital technologies have on business? We investigate the improvement of processes, business models and business ecosystems through the combination of various digital technologies in order to ensure the competitiveness of a company. We also explore the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in industry and investigate the impact of digitization on the financial markets.


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Master or Bachelor Thesis at the CDT
Students who are interested in writing their Master or Bachelor Thesis at the Center for Digital Transformation (CDT). To be considered for the winter term, please submit your application no later than 15 February. For the summer term, the deadline is 15 September. Further information can be found here.


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The team of the CDT contributes to the study programs offered by the TUM School of Management at the TUM Campus Heilbronn. More information about the Bachelor in Management & Technology can be found here and about the Master in Management here.


Project Studies
A project carried out by a team of students of the Bachelor in Management & Technology (BMT) and the Master in Management (MIM) of the TUM Campus Heilbronn in collaboration with a company and a professorship of the TUM School of Management. Further information can be found here.


Interdisciplinary projects (IDPs)
IDPs are available for students of the Informatics study program and consist of theoretical (learning about management techniques) and practical (implementing informatics) skills. Further information can be found here.