Other (virtual) ways to go abroad


Besides TUM School of Management’s TUM SOMex (incl. ERASMUS+) program, Technical University of Munich also offers an exchange program for students of all TUM departments: TUMexchange.


For more information on the recognition of credits, please have a look here ("How to get credits transferred" in the section "During your stay abroad")



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Through a joint course catalogue, students of the EuroTeQ partners have the opportunity to attend virtual courses at the partner universities. TUM students can take courses at DTU, TU/e, L'X, Technion, TalTech and CTU – and also at TUM itself.


Find out more about the program here.








If you are not participating in a program organized by TUM, such as TUM SOMex (incl. ERASMUS+) or TUMexchange for your study abroad, you will be classified as a “Freemover”. This means that you will be organizing your studies abroad yourself and will have to cover tuition fees. Useful information for Freemovers can be found here.


Please check your desired university at the Anabin Database to ensure that courses abroad can be recognized at TUM School of Management. Courses from universities with an H+ status are eligible for recognition. If your desired university has a different status, please contact the International Office via outgoing@mgt.tum.de.


For further details concerning credit transfer, please have a look here ("How to get credits transferred" in the section: "During your stay abroad"). For further support, please contact the International Office of TUM School of Management.


For the registration of your freemover stay abroad in the Diploma Supplement, have a look here.



Indo-German Partnership (IGP)


SIIT Short-Term Internship Program, Thailand


Amsterdam Case Competition


Asian Business Case Competition

Summer and winter schools

Many universities run regular programs open to all international students. These summer schools and winter schools provide participants with additional skills and knowledge in your study field and can be a good addition to your career profile.



We offer a list of current summer and winter schools, but additionally you may also look for announcements of summer and winter schools at the websites of foreign universities, search for summer courses in TUM’s International Opportunities Gateway or under www.summerschoolsineurope.eu.


As an alternative – or in addition – to studying abroad, you can do an internship with a company in a foreign country. Working abroad gives you valuable insights into a different professional culture and provides you with helpful practical experience.


You can look for positions in the Jobboard of TUM Management Alumni e.V. For all available service and support, please have a look here.


Please follow the links in the pop-up windows below for information about the various options available.


A special option for international internships inside Europe is the ERASMUS+ program. Please consult the TUM Global & Alumni Office of the Technical University of Munich for detailed information.








TUM Global & Alumni Office

ATHENS program

Europe’s leading higher education institutions offer intensive one-week-exchange-sessions under the name of ATHENS, which stands for “Advanced Technology Higher Education Network Socrates”.


The Technical University of Munich is the only German ATHENS member and offers courses on a range of different topics like engineering, natural sciences, mathematics or even general education. ATHENS courses are simultaneously held at all 24 ATHENS universities in March and November.

Students can also apply for ATHENS Blended Intensive Programs (BIPs) which include a virtual component. 

Learn more about the ATHENS program here.