Our Academic Departments for finding a thesis topic

Finding a topic and supervisor for your final thesis is an essential part of your degree program. There are several ways to achieve this goal:


  • Apply for an advertised topic at a chair. To make the process easier, please find the contact information, requirements for supervising a thesis and available topics of each chair of TUM School of Management by following the links below.
  • Develop your own topic based on your interests and classes and proactively contact a potential supervisor from a chair in a related research area. For this purpose, please familiarize yourself with the requirements for supervision of the chair.
  • Pitch a work-related topic offered by a company to a potential supervisor at a chair in a related research area.
  • Plan to do your thesis abroad. 

Last, but not least, we recommend to check the provided information sheets in our Download Center and the module description of the final thesis. We wish you the best of luck!