Young woman who is the leader of the project speaking to her colleagues standing near the white board. Diverse team wearing virtual reality glasses in office sitting at the table in an entrepreneurial and innovative enviroment.
Academic Department

Innovation & Entrepreneur­ship

The Academic Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship explores a wide range of research areas. These include the study of corporate strategies for innovation profitability, openness in innovation processes, user-driven innovation, patent management, and business opportunity identification. It also focuses on the psychological processes of entrepreneurial individuals, strategies for young firms, and understanding the consequences of entrepreneurial failure.


The department also explores topics such as entrepreneurial motivations and competencies, sustainable entrepreneurship, gender & diversity in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education, ecosystems & communities, family business, and entrepreneurial behavior & cognition.


To provide world-class education, the department offers both theoretical and practical courses. Its interdisciplinary and innovative formats bring the latest research into the classroom and work closely with industry partners. They combine lectures with project-based and interactive learning, ensuring that students benefit from real-world applications of their knowledge.


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