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Student Consultation Hours

In-person student consultation hours (on Campus Munich) are on Wednesdays from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm in room 3550, the Student Hub

Campus Munich

Campus Munich is the historic main campus in the heart of Munich where all administrative facilities are located. Munich and its surrounding area, a strong economic region in Europe, is where TUM School of Management was born. Known for the unique combination of cosmopolitan lifestyle and cordial atmosphere, the area is home to more big companies than any other city in Germany.

Campus Heilbronn

At TUM Campus Heilbronn, excellence in research and teaching focusing on digital transformation and management of familiy businesses meets the exciting, entrepreneurial challenges in one of the most innovative regions in Germany. Positioned in the heart of Heilbronn, the campus contains fully up-to-date facilities and provides the perfect surrounding for your academic pursuits.

Campus Straubing

Education in business administration with interdisciplinary competencies for sustainable management is offered exclusively at our campus in the historic city of Straubing. As an inspiring international center of biotechnology and sustainability, this campus is putting insights into practice hosting students of all kinds of disciplines around the topic of renewable resources and sustainability.

Every year, we welcome many international exchange students to TUM School of Management.

There’s a lot to think about when planning to study in a foreign country, such as, “How do I apply to become an exchange student of the TUM School of Management?”, “How do I enroll in courses?” or “How to find accommodation in Munich, Heilbronn or Straubing?” and “Do I need to speak proper German?”


To help you find the right answers to your questions, we have provided this overview with all relevant information.

Step 1: Application & Requirements

  • Prospective exchange students from partner institutions apply for an exchange to TUM School of Management by submitting their application to TUM Global & Alumni Office. Please make sure you apply in accordance with your universities’ course schedules and regulations.



    Application Deadlines


    • Winter semester and the whole academic year: May 15th
    • Summer semester: October 31st


    For further information about applications to TUM School of Management, see our fact sheet.



    Coming to TUM School of Management via a special program?

    Then check out our options for Joint International Programs.


    Students with special needs:

    Exchange students who are coming to TUM School of Management and have special needs, including a disability, chronic illness, or learning disorder – or if they want to bring children with them, can find important information at TUM Global’s Website.

    You can also find more information at TUM Center for Study and Teaching – Student Advising: Studying with Special Needs


  • Courses at TUM School of Management are available in English and German. If you plan to take courses in German, we require proof of at least B2 level or equivalent proficiency in German. The same level of qualification is required for courses held in English. A proof of proficiency in both German and English is required if you plan to take both types of courses.


    We accept the following certificates:


    • TOEFL
    • IELTS
    • Goethe-Zertifikat or similar
    • Written confirmation from your home university (signed and stamped)

Step 2: Before you arrive



    The application at TUM School of Management does not include an offer for a room in a dormitory. All exchange students can apply for a dorm room of the student union with their online application. However, these dorm rooms are primarily reserved for exchange students coming to TUM via the special TUMexchange mobility program. Most Erasmus+ and Departmental exchange students will have to find a room themselves on the private market.


    In order to make your search for accommodation in Munich easier, you can use the same methods to find accommodation in Munich as regular students and TUM Global & Alumni Office lists accommodation offers created by students, who are currently studying abroad.



    Current accomodation offered by TUM SoM students

    In addition, we list accommodation offers created by TUM SoM students who will study abroad themselves.

    If you are interested in any of the rooms or apartments from the list below, send an email to hiwi-abroad@mgt.tum.de, and we will send you the details on how to get in contact with the landlords.


    Current accommodation offers for the summer term 2024. 



    We are always trying to keep our list of accommodation offers current and up-to-date. Please note that we still cannot guarantee the accuracy of all offers and are not involved in any rental contracts. If you happen to select an accommodation offer from our list, please let us know.


    Additional Tips

    For additional tips and advice on finding accommodation in Munich, visit the website of TUM Global & Alumni Office  or see the guidelines on “Finding a new home in Munich”.





    You as an exchange student coming to TUM School of Management in campus Heilbronn via Erasmus have to look for accommodation yourself. Your program coordinator will give you more information about the accommodation, after you have been accepted by TUM.


    There are many ways to find accommodation in Heilbronn. Some options are listed on our TUM Campus Heilbronn website here, section: “Finding Accommodation in Heilbronn”.

    All districts of Heilbronn are listed, as well as private and public student homes. Please note that prices can vary greatly.


    General tips, dos and don´ts are displayed in this video, which is not only valid for Munich, but also appropriate for Heilbronn.


    We established an accommodation database. Please register on the TUM Living webpage choosing Heilbronn as a city. Our team from the Service Point will be happy to assist you: servicepoint@chn.tum.de


    If you would like to apply for a student dormitory room, click here.


    Private student apartments are available in the "Rosenberg Quartier". The online portal is active. The Student Union Heidelberg does not run this facility, so you have to arrange for an apartment yourself.

    If you already have a housing option, please give us a short feedback that you do not need housing (incoming@mgt.tum.de).





    Exchange students coming to Campus Straubing have to look for accommodation themselves. The TUMCS Student Service provides support. Students can find a list of links to apartment complexes, databases as well as groups on social media dedicated to accommodation in and around Straubing on the campus webpage.


    The student union operates some shared apartments in Straubing. Information on these dorm rooms can also be found on the above linked webpage. Please note, that availability is very limited and room offers are usually sent out relatively late by the student union. Therefore, it is advisable to also look into alternative options.


    Straubing is not close to Munich (ca. 2h), so please find accommodation in Straubing and do not apply for housing in Munich.


  • As an international exchange student, you can attend all lectures, tutorials and seminars held at TUM School of Management, just like home students, on both the B.Sc. and the M.Sc. level with no restrictions. If you are a Master's student, please check in advance whether your home university also recognizes courses at Bachelor's level.


    You can also attend courses in other departments of the Technical University of Munich, including at the Language Center (less than 40% of your number of courses and ECTS).


    Browse through TUMonline and have a look at our course catalog that lists our most common courses to find out which subjects at TUM School of Management interest you. Based on this information, you can create your study program with your preferred courses in advance and will be able to make or revise your choices later on, when the finalized list of courses is made available – usually a few weeks prior to the start of a term.


    Note that minor changes may occur to this list as courses are only finalized a few weeks before the start of each semester.


    Please inquire before the start of the course whether the exam will take place on site in Munich, Heilbronn, Straubing or online and allow for possible travel time and costs. In order to find other courses, please refer to the TUMonline.




    Please note, that it is recommended taking on-site courses only on campus Munich. Due to the regional distance, it is not possible to take courses at Heilbronn or Straubing Campus.




    In addition to the course offers of the TUM School of Management, you are also very welcome to choose courses of the Bachelor Information Engineering program at the Heilbronn Campus.




    Due to the distance between Straubing and Munich, exchange students coming to Straubing should only select courses from Campus Straubing. You can filter the course catalogue accordingly.


  • Exchange students at TUM School of Management can apply for our official Buddy Program. They will be matched with a local regular student of TUM School of Management who will help and support them throughout their exchange. A buddy offers guidance and advice, and helps when questions about studying in Munich or student life in general arise. Also, your buddy will be glad to support you in finding housing.


    In addition to that, we offer a lot of social events. Members of the Buddy Program organize excursions, leisure time activities and exclusive get-togethers. You will be regularly updated by email. Your buddy will contact you a few weeks before you arrive in TUM and might even be able to pick you up from the airport or train station.


    We will send you all further information regarding how to sign up for the Buddy Program prior to your exchange semester.




    If you have any suggestions for a social event or questions about the Buddy Program in Munich, contact our student assistants via buddy_muc@mgt.tum.de.




    If you have any suggestions for a social event or questions about the Buddy Program in Heilbronn, contact buddy_hn@mgt.tum.de.




    If you have questions about finding a buddy, please contact olivia.chia-leeson@tum.de.


Step 3: During your stay




    Browse through our course catalog, which lists all courses that take place regularly to outline your intended study program. There are three types of courses at TUM School of Management: lectures (“Vorlesung”), exercises (“Übung”) and seminars (“Seminar”). Usually, you sign up for lectures and exercises during the first session. For seminars, you need to apply in advance. Further information about the application modes for seminars will be released on TUMonline a few weeks prior to the beginning of the lecture period.


    After you are accepted as an exchange student at TUM School of Management, you are not automatically registered for the courses listed in your application document. You need to sign up for all courses you wish to take yourself.


    The final list of courses and their enrollment details will be available only a few weeks prior to the start of each semester. For this reason, you can change your study program after the finalized list of courses is released, or even after you arrive at TUM. Make sure that you check with your home university for any deadlines and rules regarding changes to your study program.





    You need to register for any exams you wish to take at TUM School of Management, even if you are already attending the course. You can register for exams via TUMonline. For courses run by other departments (e.g. Mechanical Engineering), ask the respective professor how to register for the exam.



    If you want to request for compensation of disadvantages during the exams, please contact pruefungsausschuss@mgt.tum.de.



    Registration period for exams:


    • Winter semester: Approximately November 15th to January 15th
    • Summer semester: Approximately May 15th to June 30th



    Exam results and all other information on (taken) courses are usually published on:





    The TUM Language Center  (Sprachenzentrum) offers various language courses to help you improve your German or other foreign languages. Students apply for these courses through TUMonline.


    There are also other institutions based in Munich that offer language courses in addition to the TUM Language Center:





    In Heilbronn, you have the possibility to attend German language courseS directly on campus.


    In addition, we have a cooperation with the Goethe Institute in Schwäbisch-Hall and they offer free German intensive courses as well as online German courses. The ECTS for the courses can then be credited to you at TUM.


    If you would like to register for a German language course in Heilbronn please contact as soon as possible our student service point (email: servicepoint@chn.tum.de).


    In addition, you can register for online language courses via the TUM language center.





    The TUM Language Center (Sprachenzentrum) offers in person courses for German as a Foreign Language at various levels as well as several other languages at Campus Straubing. Students of course can also sign up for the online offers of the TUM Language Center.


    If you are interested in taking language courses, please contact international@cs.tum.de .


  • At the end of a semester, a transcript of records and certificates, including all passed courses and grades, will be available for download on TUMonline.

    Signed and stamped versions are available on request.

    • 1,0 to 1,5 “very good” excellent performance
    • 1,6 to 2,5 “good” performance well above average
    • 2,6 to 3,5 “satisfactory” average performance
    • 3,6 to 4,0 “sufficient” performance meets standards in spite of deficiencies
    • 4,1 to 5,0 “fail” performance does not meet standards because of substantial deficiencies
  • If you are planning to extend your stay, contact us and your home university to discuss your plans, and remember to renew your registration in time.

    Get more information about deadlines and fees here.

Step 4: After your stay

  • We always look forward to welcoming familiar faces. That is why we would like to keep you updated about what is happening at and around TUM School of Management.


    As a member of TUM School of Management Alumni e.V., you can easily stay in touch with your former fellow students and keep benefitting from our powerful network and partnerships.


    More information about our alumni organization, its benefits and how to join can be found here.


Do you have further questions on our services or need additional information about school? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.