External events

31. Münchner Management Kolloquium,
March 5 - 6, 2024

Technische Universität München - Audimax
Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München
05 Mar 2024
8:00 am (Central European Time)
TCW & TUM School of Management

The TUM School of Management welcomes you to the 31. Münchner Management Kolloquium, March 5-6, 2024, on the theme "STRONGER TOGETHER: Networking and collaborating to build resilience".


In today's dynamic business landscape, where managers are balancing isolation and collaboration, the conference will explore how to reconcile seemingly contradictory strategic positions. Traditional local specialization in just-in-time chains is proving less effective, leading to increased logistics costs and a shift to emphasize risk avoidance and agility.


Companies are now being held accountable for the lack of concrete sustainability measures in their production networks, as geopolitics shapes strategies and divides supply chains into three blocks: Europe, US, China. In the midst of this apparent divergence, the need for unity becomes clear. Long-term success requires sustainable business models that leverage customer data and growth through platforms-an ambitious undertaking that few companies can manage entirely in-house. The new key to success is collaborative competence, which prioritizes powerful alliances over isolation.

Take the chance to debate with renowned executives and business leaders and join us at the 31. Münchner Management Kolloquium, where more than 80 executives will explore how to bridge seemingly disparate strategic positions. "Stronger Together" is not just a theme but a guiding principle, inviting you to interact with top executives from major corporations, successful startups, and thought leaders from academia and government.



Free tickets for students



The Münchner Management Kolloquium provides a contingent of free tickets for students of the TUM School of Management for online participation. Please register with your current matriculation certificate at mmk-info@tcw.de. After verification of your enrollment certificate, you will receive your personal code to download a free ticket from the MMK ticket store.



Students can also take the chance to attend the conference live and apply for a spot at our corporate workshops, where students and businesses meet and get to know each other better. More information can be found here. In addition to the approx. one-hour workshop, all other keynote speeches, panel discussions and networking events at the MMK can be attended on site. Catering is included.



All alumni of the TUM School of Management will also receive a 50% discount on the ticket price (online & on-site). To receive your discount code, reach out to mmk-info@tcw.de.



Please note that the event will be held in German language.