Reflexivity: Key for avoiding fundamental problems and producing novel research

TUM Main Campus
School of Management
Room Z577
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München

Hybrid Seminar (Zoom link via separate invitation)
20 Apr 2023
10:30 am (Central European Time)

Author: Mats Alvesson  (Lund University)


Abstract: Research is often seen as a matter of rigour and procedure following. An alternative approach emphasizes reflexivity as key in social science. Reflexivity may include careful consideration of the context, the paradigmatic assumptions, and inclinations to order and fix the social phenomena under investigation. And then open up for alternative understandings. Reflexivity means thinking not only on the object of study but how to produce objects of study and considering alternative ideas and interpretations. Reflexivity suggests using alternative interpretative repertoires and careful thinking about how to make skillful interpretations of phenomena, increasing the creative and imaginative elements of research.


Host: Claudia Peus