Conference / October 9-10, 2024

New Venture Team Design in the Digital Age

Conference at TUM Campus Heilbronn

Prof. Dr. Miriam Bird (Center Director at the Global Center for Family Enterprise, TUM School of Management) will welcome you to our conference on “New Venture Team Design in the Digital Age.”


We expect a conference format with 30 participants, including university professors, senior members of research institutes, and experts in the field. There will be two session formats: paper sessions and discussion sessions. Participants can either submit a paper on the conference topic or submit an extended abstract on the conference topic. Each participant will present his/her paper in front of the general plenum. Extended abstracts will be discussed in the form of interactive discussion sessions. Please find more information about the call for papers in the “Call for papers” section below.


  • Start: Wednesday, October 9, 2024 at 9:00 am

  • End: Thursday, October 10, 2024 at 3:00 pm

  • Welcome Cocktail on Tuesday evening, October 8, 2024

  • Conference Dinner on Wednesday, October 9, 2024

  • Venue: FORUM, Bildungscampus 1, 74076 Heilbronn (next to the Bildungscampus Heilbronn)

  • Conference language: English

  • Conference Fee: The conference is free of charge as it is generously supported by TUM School of Management and the Global Center for Family Enterprise.

Keynote Speakers




Call for papers


The rise of AI and digital technologies has been hailed as one of the most disruptive innovations in recent times. However, the consequences of these technological advancements for new venture teams’ coordination of tasks (Puranam, Alexy, & Reitzig, 2014) have yet not been explored. This is surprising since the digital age—especially AI—changes many aspects of modern organizational practices, impacting decision-making, and problem-solving (Bailey, Faraj, Hinds, Leonardi, & Krogh, 2022). These technological advancements offer the ability to enhance or even replace human cognition and actions, which carries significant implications for collaboration in teams (Bailey et al., 2022; Raisch & Krakowski, 2021; Soluk & Kammerlander, 2021) and teams’ strategic decision-making.

Moreover, AI and digital technologies offer new methodological tools for entrepreneurship research. They enable the analysis of extensive and diverse data types, such as multimodal data from social media interactions and entrepreneurial events, providing deeper insights into entrepreneurial dynamics (Choudhury et al., 2021; Shrestha & He, 2022). This opens up new avenues for understanding the dynamics of different team designs in new ventures. Hence our central research questions are:


  • “How does the digital age impact the design and dynamics of new venture teams, and which factors determine their success or failure in a technologically advanced setting?”
  • “In what ways can machine learning methods be effectively utilized to enhance the study of new venture team design, and what potential insights could these technological approaches unveil that traditional research methods might overlook?”


Please note that we will accept also papers on new venture team design which do not explicitly deal with AI and digital technologies.


Please find the detailed call for papers here.

Format of papers

Papers should be in English and between 6,000 and 10,000 words in length. Each paper must include an abstract. As the papers are distributed electronically there is no style guide to observe. Please also include your full name, title, function, and institution.


Format of extended abstracts

Extended abstract should have max. 1,000 words and include topic, method, findings & contributions.


Email address for submissions

For the submission of full papers or the extended abstract, submit the paper/abstract via following email address:


Deadline is June 21, 2024.


Notifications about acceptance of papers/abstracts will be sent by July 8, 2024.

Travel costs and accommodation

Travel costs


There are opportunities for reimbursement of travel costs for up to ten active participants through TUM School of Management (e.g., your university / institution cannot cover travel costs). You can apply for reimbursement together with your paper/abstract submission by shortly explaining the amount needed to cover your travel costs. Once the paper / abstract is accepted and travel costs have been explicitly granted by the organizing committee, the travel guidelines will be provided.




We have reserved rooms for the conference at the Insel-Hotel in Heilbronn. We will cover the hotel costs including breakfast for all active participants for two nights if you make your reservation at the Insel-Hotel on time and at the agreed rate.


Please make your reservation direct at the Insel-Hotel either by email via or by phone via +49 7131 6300. To receive the reduced conference fee, please mention the booking code: “New Venture Team Design in the Digital Age”. Please make your booking until July 31, 2024.

Practical information

Please find all the important information summarized in the PDF Link down below.

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Contact for administrative questions

For administrative questions please contact the Center Administration of the Global Center for Family Enterprise at

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