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13 July 2022

Celebrating 3 years of Center for Digital Transformation (CDT) at TUM Campus Heilbronn

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Celebrating 3 years of Center for Digital Transformation (CDT) at TUM Campus Heilbronn

What impact do digital technologies have on business models,
processes, and management styles? How can businesses benefit from
digital platforms? And how can companies and organizations use
data-driven decision-making rather than intuition?


Questions like these, and the opportunities and challenges of
digital transformation, are the focus of the research of the Center for
Digital Transformation (CDT) at TUM Campus Heilbronn, which is
celebrating its third anniversary these days.


In this time, the CDT has grown to 6 professorships and
20 PhD students (Jens Förderer, Gudrun Kiesmüller,
Martin Meißner, Sebastian Müller, David Wuttke, Jingui Xie).

The goal of the center is to develop solutions through practice-oriented
research and thus generate direct benefits for business and society.
New findings flow directly into teaching to prepare our students
for the tasks of the future.

For knowledge transfer, the CDT organizes scientific workshops,
e.g. on Digital Technologies in Operations Management (DTOM),
Natural Language Processing and Deep Reinforcement Learning.
Visiting professors and guest scientists regularly do research at the
center and give lectures. Cooperation with international universities
is flourishing and the CDT offers concrete exchange and
application-oriented information for companies.

The CDT is a proud part of the Heilbronn Education Campus
and is happy to engage in exchange and cooperation with companies
in the region Heilbronn-Franken.


Are you curious and would you like to learn more about the
Center for Digital Transformation?
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