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05 May 2022

How to fuse business & IT knowledge in one place

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Fabrizio Nisi is Cloud Business Development Manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software and currently participates in the Executive MBA in Business & IT. In a short interview, he concludes how the study program greatly benefits his business & IT expertise while strengthening his leadership and personal development skills.


Which goal motivated you to pursue the Executive MBA in Business & IT program? 

For me there were a number of key reasons to embark on my Executive MBA journey with the Triple Crown accredited TUM School of Management after ten years of working experience in multinational companies: For personal and professional growth, to establish new connections with talented colleagues and top-notch professors, to get practical insights and bring them back into my daily job while preparing myself for the next step in my career. After evaluating a couple of other business schools in Germany and Europe, I decided to apply for the TUM because it was one of very few programs with academic and executive focus on business, information technology and digital transformation. For me this was the perfect match to achieve my personal goal: to stay competitive on the market while gaining a deeper understanding of many relevant perspectives and topics.


How did networking enhance your Executive MBA experience?  

The program offers a hybrid and diverse environment with peers from every corner of the world (Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia-Pacific) and a wide range of both age and experience. The Executive MBA experience enables me to connect, learn, exchange, and grow alongside a group of talented professionals. The exposure to colleagues coming from different industries and working for market leaders is definitely a great opportunity I am benefiting from during my program. I am also able to bring those connections back to work, unveiling synergies on new business opportunities and best practices. Every module offered by TUM is complemented by a guest CXO from a top-ranked company as well as by experienced professionals who tremendously enrich the content and the learning journey, enabling a full immersion in real business contexts to gain the best knowledge and insights.


How did the part-time program fit into your professional life?

The part-time formula of the Executive MBA enables participants to balance both their day-to-day work and their studies. The ability to choose when a module is completed provides maximum flexibility to participants to best fit the program to their lives. The recommended study schedule provides good guidance on how to structure the modules, the assignments, the study trip abroad, and the final thesis. Every class takes place from Monday to Friday and is a fully immersive experience in a specific knowledge spectrum. I have experienced positive knowledge transfer to my current employer by applying state-of-the-art executive methodologies to the daily tasks I am confronted with at Siemens.


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