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14 September 2022

Jan in Singapore

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Jan in Singapore

An honest student report on the Entrepreneurship Exchange Program (Part 1)

Who am I and why am I writing this report?

Hey, I’m Jan, 21 years old, and currently spending the 5th semester of my BSc. Management & Technology degree on exchange in Singapore. In this report, I will share my honest opinion about the Entrepreneurship Exchange Program (EEP) and what I learned after working and studying in Singapore for slightly more than a month. My goal with this report is, that you can make a decision whether you should apply for EEP or not. Spoiler: I believe it's an awesome opportunity for everyone! Keep reading to find out why.


What is the EEP? 

TUM School of Management offers an exchange program within the area of entrepreneurship at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in collaboration with the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC). The so-called Entrepreneurship Exchange Program (EEP) consists of both an internship at a start-up company in Singapore and courses on entrepreneurship at NUS for a period of 5-6 months.


What are my first impressions about the EEP program after one month?


EEP will make you grow personally and professionally. Something that you will likely not get in a regular exchange.


You will realize that already during the application process. Proofing yourself to TUM School of Management (SoM), NUS, and a company in Singapore forces you to be clear on your skills and personality traits. At the end, you will come up with a bulletproof resumé, which you can use moving forward in your professional career. I am not saying that this is easy, but certainly worth going through.

By working in Singapore and studying at NUS Business school you meet inspiring people, build a great network and explore business ideas. If you want to become an entrepreneur, this is the place to be in. In my first weeks here, I chatted with more than 10 founders to understand how to start my businesses. Together with Munich, there are few places where you will get similar access to a startup ecosystem.

You might get the impression that working, studying and talking about business ideas is all we do here. Nevertheless, I can say that the program gives you a lot of flexibility to choose your schedule and do things that you like.


All my weekends so far were free. Together in our EEP group, we got to visit quite a few places in Singapore and Malaysia. For the upcoming months, we have more exciting trips planned. And yes, we go partying on the weekends too. More on that later.

Also, there will be hackathons and competitions in the future, where you can form teams with NUS or TUM SoM students and actually build your own startup.

Jan in Singapore (Part 2)
Everything you need to know about the application processes

Short recap of what the Entrepreneurship Exchange Program is


EPP is an exchange program offered by TUM School of Management in collaboration with the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) in Singapore. 10 students from TUM School of Management (bachelor or master) get the opportunity to do a 5-month off-campus internship (Aug to Dec OR Jan to Jun) at a start-up company in Singapore, whilst undertaking courses in the area of Management at NUS.


A link to the application portal will be posted in this document once active.


Why did I apply to EEP? (Three reasons that might convince you too)


I mentioned before, that personal and professional growth was my key motivation to do an exchange semester. There are three reasons why I choose EEP over a regular exchange to achieve that:


You get the chance to travel with a group of like-minded and motivated students from TUM SoM.


In my current batch, we are 6 students with very different backgrounds, but with similar motivations and interests. This creates an inspiring environment with a lot of potential for you to grow and make friends, which I imagine to be easier in the EEP context than in a regular exchange.


I get to do my project studies in a Singaporean company and be on exchange at the same time.


The internship as part of the EEP counts as your project study for the Management & Technology degree at TUM SoM. By itself, this might convince you to join the program. On top of that, you get the benefits of working at a Singaporean company. You have a great chance to expand your network and explore a different working culture.


Experiencing what studying at one of the best business schools in the world looks like


A quick Google search will tell you that NUS Business School, just like TUM SoM, ranks among the top business schools worldwide. Getting a chance to take classes here will certainly give you the chance to learn a lot.


Everything you need to know about the application process


Most importantly, who can apply?


You can apply to the Entrepreneurship Exchange Program (EEP) if you are a TUM School of Management undergraduate (at least 3rd semester) or graduate student with interest in “Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” You may wonder what interest means. From my understanding, you should be able to show and proof that you have done something entrepreneurial or innovative in the past. You don’t have to have own a business (I did not have one when I applied), but you should have tackled problems or challenges in an unusual way. If you still can’t think of anything, proof that you are someone who goes the extra mile and is eager to learn and grow.


When do you have to apply for the EEP?


The deadline to submit your

  • CV including motivational letter

  • Proof of Language proficiency (English C1; DAAD test is accepted but no older than 2 years.

  • Current transcript of records (and for bachelor students high school graduation transcript)

  • Matriculation certificate


for the WS23/24 EEP program is 5th December 2022.

With the submission of these three documents, you have officially applied to EEP.


How does the remaining timeline for the applicatioon process look like?


The International Office team will review your application and, in January, potentially invite you to a personal fit interview (no need to solve math or business problems here). If you pass the Interview, you first get to decide whether you want to go to Singapore during TUMs winter or summer semester.

Note: Look at your TUM exam schedule and see if you will be able to take your exams in the semester you intend to leave!! Once I come back to germany I have to retake 4 exams in that I was not able to attend during my last semester at TUM.


The next few steps follow the same flow independent of when you decide to start. NUS will provide you with a list of startup companies where you get to select your top 5 choices. We had a total of around 50 startups from all kinds of industries on that list. Some or all companies will shortlist you for another round of interviews, and potentially make you an offer.

Alongside you will have to do a few administrative things like

  • Apply at NUS (just a formality, after getting into EEP you also got into NUS)

  • Apply for your Work Holiday Pass (The Visa type you will get to enter Singapore)

  • Start looking for off-campus in case you are not interested in on campus housing.

  • Look for potential flights, although NUS recommends to not book to early.


Where to find help during the application process?


For questions about the internship experience, student life, and general facts about Singapore reach out to past EEP students. For administrative questions contact the International Office team.


Insider tip: use the r/nus Reddit to ask questions about the companies you are considering joining. Usually, there are some students who know the founders personally or have some connection to previous interns that can give you some insights. From the start-up list and job descriptions, it might be hard to get an appropriate view of the company.


I hope you enjoyed reading second part of my article series on the EEP program. My next Instagram takeover will happen on the weekend of October 1st and 2nd. If you want to directly ask me any questions about the EEP, be sure to subscribe to TUM School of Management.


Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next article where I will share more about student life and general tips about doing an exchange in Singapore.