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08 September 2023

"The Master in Management & Innovation has been a real game-changer for my startup"

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"The Master in Management & Innovation has been a real game-changer for my startup"

Maurice on his journey as a Master’s student and entrepreneur

Maurice Schmidt, a Master in Management & Innovation graduate (Class of 2023) had a clear vision of developing a product and launching it to the market after his master’s program. During a short interview, Maurice told us all about his journey at the TUM School of Management, about his key learnings during the program, and about how the network aspect of the program enriched his experience as a student and as a founder.

Which goal did you have in mind to accomplish when you entered the Master’s program?

When I started the Master's program, I wanted to dive into the exciting world of TUM and Munich's startup Ecosystem. I was eager to meet people with similar ambitions. My end goal was to create a product that was ready for the market, tested by several customers. Additionally, I believed that my classmates, who were also interested in starting businesses, would offer useful feedback and support throughout the journey.


What has been the most important knowledge or skill you’ve acquired during the program? How did this benefit your startup idea/business so far?

One of the most important things I learned during the program was how to confidently present my idea to the public. This involved directly testing my ideas with customers and getting their feedback. I learned how to take that feedback and make my service better. This skill has been a real game-changer for my startup. It has made me more responsive to customer needs and has driven the continuous improvement of my offerings.


How did the close cooperation with companies benefit your study program and learning successes?

Working closely with established companies and startups, particularly those launched by students who had been in my program in the past, has enriched my study experience. These collaborations reminded me of the challenges we face in the startup world, but also motivated me to keep pushing forward. These experiences were invaluable and helped me successfully navigate my own startup journey.


How did the program foster your personal development?

The program has done wonders for my personal growth. Not only did I learn more about technical subjects and business strategies, but I also became more resilient and adaptable – traits that are so important in the fast-paced startup environment. 


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