Master in Finance & Information Management

How to apply

Entrance qualifications

Entrance Qualifications

To be eligible for the Master in Finance and Information Management, an application must meet all of the following criteria:


  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree (requiring at least 6 semesters of study) or equivalent in Economics or Social Sciences, Industrial engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics including financial and business mathematics, Statistics or another related study field.
  • Have successfully completed modules worth at least 5 ECTS in Scientific writing in the context of a bachelor thesis, a project, a scientific paper or a comparable paper.
  • Submit a valid GMAT certificate. Please be sure you give the Technical University of Munich the right to verify the GMAT online.
  • Applicants must also be able to prove that they are proficient in the English language at the time of application. In addition to accepted English language proficiency certificates across TUM study programs, applicants can prove their English language knowledge with a previous university degree that was taught and assessed in English entirely or at least 12 ECTS thereof. The 12 ECTS can include courses and/or your final thesis. Please use this form only in case the 12 ECTS rule applies to you.


Please note that to be eligible to apply for the Master in Finance and Information Management program an application must meet all of the above mentioned criteria. No conditional admission will be given, in case an applicant does not meet the entrance requirements at the time of application! It is not necessary to prove any knowledge of German language at the time of application. However, as a foreign Student, you are required to provide proof of basic German language proficiency (comparable to A1 level) by the end of the second semester.


Important: The application process by TUM runs completely online. You no longer have to submit any hardcopies to TUM at this point. For enrollment, you will have to hand in certain documents in a specific form – e.g. as notarized hardcopies. Please note that if you are an international student applying via uni-assist, you will still have to send notarized hard copies to uni-assist.

The first application period runs from January 1 – March 15 and the second application period runs from March 16 – May 31.

Application procedure

Your application will proceed through TUMonline. A guideline about the application in TUMonline can be found here.



If you did not obtain your first degree (usually a Bachelor’s degree) in a country within the European Union (as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) you have to apply via uni-assist in addition to TUMonline. Uni-assist will make a preliminary evaluation on whether you meet the entry requirements for the Master program at TUM. Please note that the uni-assist application needs to be completed before the end of the application period, however, the document that uni-assist will provide you with (VPD), can be handed in later, even after the application period has ended.



We follow a two-stage assessment procedure to be able to select the best possible candidates for the Master in Finance and Information Management. In the first stage of the assessment procedure, candidates are evaluated based on their previous academic background. If an applicant’s eligibility is still questionable after stage 1, the applicant will move on to stage 2, where the academic background as well as the essay will be evaluated.



We expect our applicants to have a high standard of scientific writing, therefore applicants who fail to meet this standard will unfortunately be excluded from the assessment process in case plagiarism is detected in the essay.


In five steps to your study program

Start your career now and become a student for the Master in Finance and Information Management at TUM School of Management.


Step 1: Prepare the documents for the application


Step 2: Application via TUMonline


Step 3: TUM evaluates your documents


Step 4: Your application is assessed


Step 5. Accept your admission to study and enroll