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10 June 2024

BCERC 2024 hosted by TUM

Tag Entrepreneurship

Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) was hosted by TUM

BCERC takes place in Germany for the 1st time in its history

We welcomed over 350 leading experts in the field of entrepreneurship research from 26 countries around the globe and enjoyed more than 200 insightful presentations on the latest trends in entrepreneurship. The BCERC is the most important international conference in entrepreneurship research offering a fantastic platform for collaboration and innovation.

 By hosting the conference at our Garching campus, we showcased our dedication to creating knowledge for entrepreneurial thinkers. Attendees could also dive into our entrepreneurship ecosystem. Specifically, they toured the UnternehmerTUM Maker Space GmbH, had a chance to explore the offerings of TUM startups like Isarkindl OHG and Happy Ocean Foods, and connected with ventures such as Celonis, 2NA FISH, TUfast e.V. Racing Team, LEVITUM, Emidat, TUM Boring – Innovation in Tunneling e.V., and HORYZN.

The Award Dinner took place at the Hofbräuhaus, which was the perfect spot to celebrate the achievements with traditional Bavarian food and drinks. 

The conference was co-organized by Prof. Holger Patzelt and Prof. Nicola Breugst and the team from the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute, in particular, Carmen Anna Elisa Baur and Julia Kirsch, as well as Professor Andrew Zacharakis from Babson College.

The connected doctoral consortium for 25 students was organized by Prof. Hana Milanov from TUM and Grégoire DENIS from HEC Montréal.

 A heartfelt thank you to our supporters: Babson College, UnternehmerTUM, UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace GmbH, Celonis, Peter-Pribilla Foundation, and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) - German Research Foundation (DFG).

Moreover, another big thank you to Professor Claudia Peus, TUM’s Senior Vice President of Talent Management and Diversity, and Professor Gunther Friedl, the Dean of TUM School of Management, who both highlighted TUM’s outstanding role as an entrepreneurial university.

We highly appreciate all the work by the entire TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute and the TUM School of Management team. Specifically, we want to thank Prof. Oliver Alexy, Prof. Hana Milanov, Prof. Dr. Helmut Schoenenberger, Prof. Dr. Anne Tryba, Prof. Siddharth Vedula, Prof. Amy Zhao-Ding, Milena Barg, Carmen Baur, Jessica Bielski, Dr. Alex Christian, Niklas Hagenow, Carmen Mayer, Jimena Méndez Merino, Stefan Ruehl, Dr. Mirella Schrijvers, and Dr. Fritz Tacke.