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06 April 2023

Bridging the gap between management & innovative technologies

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Bridging the gap between management & innovative technologies

Master in Management & Innovation


Master in Management & Innovation – HEC Paris Graduate (Class of 2022)


“The most important skill I acquired through the program is guiding teams to bring ideas to life.”


Born in Germany with Kirghiz roots, Lea jumped right into the startup world after her graduation. As Founder’s Associate at, she handles a range of responsibilities, such as operations, business development, and financial topics. Lea has worked at renowned organizations such as Google before completing a Master’s in Management & Innovation at HEC Paris and the Technical University of Munich, where she refined her managerial skills.


Which goal did you want to accomplish when you entered the Master’s program?

Ever since I was an undergraduate student, I aspired to work at a major tech company. While I was studying at HEC Paris and TUM, this goal shifted more towards exploring the opportunities of entrepreneurship. The Master’s program drew my attention to the potential of working on current tech trends, while also nourishing my creativity and creating own projects.


What’s the most important piece of knowledge or skill that you’ve acquired during the program? 

The program offers the perfect mix of theory and practice. The coursework teaches important theories and frameworks, for example identifying trends in the market and creating solutions for these opportunities. During my project studies at the Munich-based investment holding Arvantis Group, I learned a great deal in terms of managing projects effectively, leaving me well-equipped for my role as Founder’s Associate at The most valuable skill I acquired through the program is guiding teams to bring ideas to life.


How did networking enhance your study experience during and after the program? How did it impact your personal and professional development?

Networking during and after my study experience in Paris and Munich was extremely beneficial for both my personal and professional development. It enhanced my cultural awareness and helped me meet people and make friends from all over the world. I also became fluent in French, which makes exploring francophone countries a whole new level of experience.


How did the close cooperation with companies benefit your studies and learning success?

Being able to work with businesses and address real-world cases and issues provided me with a good understanding of how to build a venture – and how to run it sustainably. The close ties with different companies also offered valuable networking opportunities.


How did you benefit from earning a double degree at HEC and TUM?

Getting a double degree at HEC Paris and TUM allowed me to obtain knowledge and skills from two top-tier business schools and opened many doors for me. The program allowed me to gain international experience and build relationships with peers from different cultural backgrounds. Overall, it helped me to develop a global outlook and get a broader perspective on businesses in an ever-changing world.


[Photo by Virginia Gelli