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21 December 2022

Celebrating 20 years of research at TUM School of Management

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Celebrating 20 years of research at TUM School of Management

When it comes to understanding the problems of our past and mastering the challenges of our future, we believe science is the key to success. Research creates knowledge and thus lays the foundation for groundbreaking developments. At TUM School of Management, we want to drive change: This is why we have been passionate about research for 20 years and counting.


Research at TUM School of Management is advancing rapidly. We are constantly thinking in new perspectives, working on a wide range of cutting-edge research projects that provide practically oriented solutions. To mark our 20th anniversary, we honored our most innovative ideas at the Research Fest 2022 on November 18. But first, let’s take a little trip down memory lane.


Our mission has a history

The journey of TUM School of Management started in 2002. Its first Dean, Professor Ralf Reichwald, focused the School’s research on the interface of management and technology. Reichwald saw the potential of combining these fields and founded a one-of-a-kind faculty for business administration and economics at a Technical University: the TUM School of Management. He held the chair of business administration where he focused particularly on information, organization and management. In addition to interdisciplinary issues concerning technical-organizational change and its effects on market and corporate development, he was particularly involved in the future development and restructuring of universities.


Research at the interface of management and technology

Since its foundation in 2002, the faculty has been engaged in a broad range of research projects that bridge the gap between disciplines. Our research focuses on future trends and real-world solutions that advance innovation-based businesses and benefit society at large.


At the TUM School of Management, we conduct research using interdisciplinary approaches to discover the interface of management, engineering, natural and life sciences. Using diverse academic methods, from theoretical models to qualitative and quantitative research, we constantly develop new findings. From research on entrepreneurial resourcefulness in medical technology, compensation incentives for auditors, the analysis of entrepreneurial visions of founders, or gender bias in entrepreneurship, we cover currently relevant topics and think ahead of our time. Our vision has made us one of the strongest business faculties in research in Germany and earned us Triple Crown status, meaning accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.


Bundled competences – our Departments and Research Centers

TUM School of Management is divided into five academic departments that pool resources and facilitate close collaborations with other institutions and corporate partners: Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Operations & Technology; Marketing, Strategy & Leadership; Economics & Policy; and Finance & Accounting.


Six interdisciplinary research centers bridge those departments, bringing together researchers from various departments. Founded in 2003, the Center for Entrepreneurial and Financial Studies (CEFS) specializes in research and teaching in the field of entrepreneurship and finance. Its special focus lies on entrepreneurial finance at the interface between science and practice. The Center for Digital Transformation (CDT) is concerned with issues related to digitalization. Established in 2019, it seeks solutions for data-driven decision-making, digital platforms and the use of digital technologies in businesses. The Center for Energy Markets (CEM) is committed to advancing research in the field of energy economics, fostering new development in renewable energy, and driving the global energy transition. Its mission: a global energy transition supported by research and education.


The Center for Life Science Management and Policy (CLSMP) was relaunched in 2020. It is located at three different sites – Weihenstephan, Straubing and Munich – and connects researchers who share the goal of investigating the growing role of life science innovation and bio-based economy for contemporary societies. At the Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI), entrepreneurship is approached from interdisciplinary perspectives. Its research aims to improve our understanding of individuals and organizations in terms of business behavior, psychological cognition and decision-making. Lastly, the Global Center for Family Enterprises (GCFE) is dedicated to dive deeper into strategies, innovations, transgenerational entrepreneurship and governance in family companies. Founded in 2020 at the new Heilbronn campus, it is one of the latest additions to the research community.


Interdisciplinary innovations at a glance – that’s the Research Fest

Providing insights into all different academic departments, Research Fest has become a valuable tradition at the TUM School of Management. Established in 2012 by Prof. Dr. Oliver Alexy, and now organized by the Vice Dean of Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Joachim Henkel, the event offers each department the opportunity to present its current projects in presentations and a poster exhibition. The three best posters will be awarded a prize donated by the TUM School of Management Alumni e.V. Additionally, the Supervisory Award is presented to honor the work of a doctoral candidate's supervisor.


Research perspectives on current issues

This year’s Research Fest provided thought-provoking impulses on more than just hot topics. In addition to the presentations and the poster exhibition, the future PIs presented the new TUM Innovation Network ‘GoTransTech’, which investigates groundbreaking research questions and explores high-potential innovation fields at the interfaces of the classical disciplines. It will be the basis of an Excellence Cluster application.