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09 December 2021

Change makers for a better future

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Change makers for a better future

The International Summer School “Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice” is an exciting opportunity for students to meet forward-thinking entrepreneurs and bring about real social change. We present this offer in more detail in our latest PRME Report.


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and rapidly renewable raw materials on earth. It is robust, stable, and durable. Because of these properties, bamboo can be used for a wide variety of products. The idea of using it for producing t-shirts, however, came about during last year’s International Summer School “Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice”.


Insights into sustainable entrepreneurship and development of tomorrow’s ideas

The program is a unique experience for students and young professionals to develop tomorrow’s ideas with the help of theoretical foundations and practical examples. During the two-week course, our lecturers introduce participants to the major challenges of sustainable development and the United Nations SDGs, and present the theoretical foundations of sustainable entrepreneurship.


In addition, founders of renewable energy, fashion, and food companies operating in both the Global North and Global South present their business models and the stories behind them, from start-up ideas to financing and market expansion. Participants will have the opportunity to speak directly with and be inspired by the founders of sustainable businesses. In teams with other students from around the world, they develop their own sustainable business models and present them to a jury.


That is also what our Chair of Corporate Sustainability and program manager Nele Terveen likes about the project: „I love doing research on sustainable entrepreneurship. At the same time, it is also very important to me to connect my knowledge with the practical world. Seeing how ideas develop in practice is very valuable to me. And since all of our students are intrinsically and voluntarily involved in our program, they are very engaged and motivated. For me as a teacher and as a program manager, that’s a gift.”


Advantages for students: Exchange with founders

Students benefit from the cutting-edge research of our business school scholars and the rich experiences of sustainable entrepreneurs. Participants can engage in interactive activities and learn how to turn major societal challenges into entrepreneurial opportunities. They interact by collaborating with people from around the world, developing sustainable entrepreneurial ideas and turning them into sustainable business models. In the process, they learn a wide range of startup tools, including the Sustainable Business Model Canvas, rapid prototyping, and storytelling.


Another highlight: During their participation in the program, students spend an extraordinary time in the cultural city of Munich with its magnificent surroundings and immerse themselves in the genuine Bavarian lifestyle.


Previous participants are also enthusiastic about the new knowledge they have gained: „Sustainable entrepreneurship is more like a foundation to solve and create impactful solutions, especially in achieving the SDGs. And from this class, I have strengthened it with theory from the expert as well as the practice on the business model canvas together with teammates from all over the world. {…} Let’s be the changemakers for a better future!” (Ardy Gamawanto, International Summer School Student from Indonesia)


„I am glad to have been part of the international summer school 2020. With lectures of the professors and founders of sustainable business enterprises, I have learned how to conceive, develop and implement business ideas using the Sustainable Business Model Canvas which I highly recommend startup businesses to adopt. I am going to use the knowledge to start up a sustainable enterprise in low-income economies and train people in sustainable living.” (Bridget Nakangu, International Summer School Student from Uganda)


International Summer School July 18 – 29, 2022, application deadline: May 31st.

For more information on sustainability please read our PRME report.