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12 April 2022

Develop your business idea with us

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An elemental module of our Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation curriculum is the Impact Project – building upon participants’ knowledge and skills of the entrepreneurial process, this module is designed to encourage students to identify an opportunity that is impactful to them and execute on it. They design all aspects of their business model, consider its financials, secure support from stakeholders, and evaluate implementation strategies.

Our participants have the chance to discuss their projects with a selected group of experienced founders and industry experts to receive feedback and advice on their entrepreneurial or corporate innovation projects before the final presentation.

The moment of truth – the final pitch to a diverse jury of investors with Oliver Bücken and Bernd Mühlfriedel in the lead:

On March 10, 2022 the final presentations of the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation took place. The students of the Class of 2022 had worked on 21 different entrepreneurial and corporate innovation projects covering a broad range of topics such as web3, mental health, food, HR, and energy and were thrilled to present the results of their work to a fantastic jury. Big thanks to Sarah Finegan, Silvia Erika Sommer, Sebastian Dominguez Kränzlin, Dörte Kaschdailis, Eveline Baumeister, and Dr. Sarah Theinert.  And congratulations to our students on their great pitches which mark an important milestone in completing their studies.

Do you want to be part of this entrepreneurial ecosystem, broaden your network with like-minded innovative leaders and shape opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit? Book a consultation with our Program Manager Simon Kratzer and apply for the upcoming intake in fall.